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With the continuous development of electronic technology, electromagnetic interference noise and radiation directly affect the normal and safe operation of measuring instruments of electronic computers, audio equipment, television technology, radio communication, aerospace and aviation technology, resulting in test deviation, work failure and instrument damage. More serious may leak confidential information.

In order to effectively measure electronic products and system engineering in wide frequency range and protect electronic information, our company designs and manufactures movable P-A electromagnetic shielding cabinet according to the requirements of users.

Scope of application

Electromagnetic shielding cabinet is suitable for preventing external interference to photoelectric data exchange and information data transmission and exchange system。

Technical parameter
Power and AC: 220 V × 10 A

Shielding function: 150kHz ≥ 70dB 450MHz ≥ 80dB 930mhz ≥ 70dB, the test method shall be in accordance with the standard of gb12190-90.

Reliable, portable, flexible layout, saving investment
Structural composition

Shielding shell: a fully sealed box made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is galvanized and painted for corrosion protection;

Screen door: high quality beryllium bronze material, after careful production and treatment, is made into a screen door composed of shielding spring and cold-rolled steel plate;

Filter: power filter has wide suppression band and high insertion loss;

Others: transmission interface and electrical socket can be configured according to customer requirements.




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